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Nourishment comes from far beyond the end of your fork. Your approach to caring for your health should too.

There's more to nourishing your body than a beautiful plate of greens!

Nourishing your whole self—BODY, MIND, & SOUL—for a precious new life might start with your fork, but it goes so far beyond your healthy plate.

As I help you use a food-as-medicine lifestyle to optimize your overall health and wellness, you’ll learn why food alone is not responsible for transforming your health.

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Mini Lab Packages

Uncover your initial root causes and jumpstart your fertility journey with an individualized action plan

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Tracking to Conceive 

Learn to track your menstrual cycle so you can spot hormone imbalances, know your fertile window, and get pregnant faster.

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1:1 Nutrition Counseling

Custom labs and a personalized food, supplement, and lifestyle plan provide the most individualized care possible.

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You have so much life within you.

Let's nourish it, and the possibility of a miraculous new one, to the fullest!

Hey there!

I’m Jennifer, and I’m so happy we found each other!

I’m a Registered Dietitian here to serve women like you. Yes, you! A beautiful, compassionate, full-of-life woman who’s desiring to create even more life outside of herself.

Perhaps your hormone or fertility struggles are leaving you frustrated with your symptoms, confused by the research, and unsure of who you can even trust to help you heal.

I'm here to help!

I use an integrative and functional approach to your caring for your health so we can identify your unique root causes. No one-size-fits-all approach here!

With personalized, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, you'll be able to rebalance your menstrual cycles, restore hormone harmony, and renew your fertility health so you can get pregnant naturally!

You are not broken!

I believe that you are uniquely and wonderfully made and that inside you rests the potential to bring a miraculous gift into the world.

Are you ready to nourish that possibility in a whole new way?


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