Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I help women with hypothyroidism and couples with "unexplained" infertility get pregnant and give birth to the baby of their dreams

It's Time to Explain Your "Unexplained" Infertility!

Discover the labs you need, why you need them, and how these answers can finally explain your fertility challenges.


Let’s nourish it, and the possibility of a miraculous new one, to the fullest!

Hey there, Beautiful!

I’m Jennifer, and I’m so happy we found each other!

I’m a Registered Dietitian here to serve women just like you. Yes, you! A beautiful, compassionate, full-of-life woman who’s desiring to create even more life outside of herself.

I help women like you understand that you’re not broken, there’s just a delicate little part of you that requires a special kind of love…a nourishing love that has the potential of turning your fears of only dreaming about motherhood into the joyful reality of expecting.

I can hear your frustrations already. I can see how hard you’re trying at everything!

You’re striving to be the best partner to your mate; you’re listening to your doctor and doing “all the things”; you’re taking care of your amazing body in the very best ways that you know how.

You’re checking all the labs, eating the right foods, and timing your intimate moments down to the minute.

But something’s still not right.

I can feel your longing for the deepest parts of yourself to give birth to your baby dreams, because that was my dream too.

I can hear you, I can see you, I can feel you, I was you.

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I believe that every woman is uniquely and wonderfully made and that inside her rests the potential to bring a miraculous gift into the world.

Are you ready to nourish that possibility in a whole new way?


Not sure where to begin? Let’s talk about that!

Schedule your free 30-minute strategy call, and we’ll talk about what your journey ahead can look like.

I’m here to support you, and I want to L.E.A.R.N. all there is to know about you!
As I provide comprehensive functional nutritional care to every woman, I will always:
  • Listen to and honor your personal story
  • Explore root causes to your diagnosis or condition
  • Assess real-food nutrition options and ensure safe and appropriate dosing of supplements when necessary
  • Respect recommendations you've been given by other health practitioners
  • Nourish your whole body through my signature combination of nutritional, physical, relational, emotional, mental, and spiritual nourishment
Yes! I'm ready to L.E.A.R.N.!

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