Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

cleaning homemade non-toxic Jul 26, 2020

A good all-purpose cleaner is probably one of the most used cleaning items in your cabinet. From cleaning your kitchen to washing your car, they really live up to their all-purpose title.

I usually stick to single-ingredient cleaners like vinegar, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide. They’re simple and effective without any of the toxins that come with their chemical counterparts. Sometimes, though, I need a cleaner with a little more power behind it.

It doesn’t take harsh, chemical cleaners to get the job done. Along with causing major skin irritations, those cleaners can cause breathing difficulties, hormone imbalances, and overpower your home with chemical smells.

When you’re working to optimize or maintain your hormone health, these chemicals can wreak havoc!

Here is a simple all-purpose cleaner that really works! It's great for:

🧽cleaning your counter-tops

🧽degreasing your stove

🧽shining up your tub and shower


All-Purpose Spray Cleaner



  1. Add borax to an empty spray bottle.
  2. Add remaining liquid ingredients and agitate bottle to mix ingredients. The borax might take a little time to dissolve.
  3. That’s it! Time to start cleaning!



Choose fragrances like lavender or peppermint for a little aromatherapy while you clean! They have an unscented variety if that’s your style, too!

This spray to be very versatile, but I wouldn’t recommend using it on finished wood surfaces. Always spot test if you’re concerned about how this or any other cleaner might react with your surface.

Happy cleaning!

In joy and health,


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