Stressed? The DUTCH Test Reveals If Your Cortisol and Other Hormones Are Behind Your “Unexplained” Infertility

Are you so frustrated by your doctors saying that everything is normal, but you’re still not pregnant, or not able to keep your pregnancy? 

Why (oh why!?) are solutions for your unexplained infertility so dang elusive?

I’m here for you.


High cortisol and infertility can be linked. As a registered dietitian with a functional nutrition approach, I can help you to lower your cortisol levels naturally. Getting your cortisol levels lower is one way to support your body’s fertility, naturally.  

What makes functional nutrition different than working with...

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Is High Estrogen Causing Your Hypothyroid Symptoms?


Hands up if you’ve ever felt hormonal!

If you are or have ever been a cycling woman, the answer is heck yeah! Every day, your reproductive hormones are at different levels. Follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone,  testosterone, and your cycle superstars, estrogen and progesterone, all change levels on a daily basis.

So, girlfriend, you’re allowed to feel hormonal!


What About Your Thyroid Hormones?

Do they fluctuate throughout the month like your reproductive hormones?

Not even close!

Your thyroid hormone production is pretty consistent on a...

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