Myth About Thyroid Health: "My TSH is Normal So My Thyroid is Normal Too"

hypothyroidism tsh Jan 18, 2020

Whether or not you have a diagnosed thyroid condition, you’ve had this lab value checked at one time or another.

On so many lab panels, maybe even yours, TSH is the only thyroid lab value that’s checked to evaluate how your thyroid gland is functioning. It’s been the gold standard test for decades and is considered the most sensitive and accurate indicator by many endocrinologists and other practitioners. While it gives information about your thyroid, TSH doesn’t tell you exactly how your thyroid is working. It’s more of a secondary marker that tells you how...

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Myth About Thyroid Health: "I Have Hypothyroidism So I Can't Get Pregnant"

hypothyroidism pregnancy Jan 18, 2020

Conceiving a child can be difficult. It can take many months of monitoring your fertility signs, timing your intimacy, and seeing lots of single lines before you finally celebrate seeing double.

Navigating your health when you have hypothyroidism can be difficult as well. It can cause debilitating fatigue, menstrual irregularity, sluggish elimination, and mood swings from depression to anxiety and everything in between.

When you put the two together, conceiving when you have hypothyroidism can seem like an impossibility. It might feel that way, but let’s talk some truth into why...

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