What Is the Fertile Window? Cycle Tracking Fertility for Faster Pregnancy

If we relied on high-school sex-ed for our fertility information, we might think that if women were to even look at a man – then BOOM – she’s pregnant. 

But for many of us, our experience doesn’t match the biology lesson. At all. For us, the journey to parenthood can be much more challenging. 

There are actually a few days each month where it is even possible to conceive. Cycle tracking can help you to accurately identify that time period so that you can conceive, faster. 

So, what is it?


Cycle tracking is the process of gathering a bit more...

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Folate vs. Folic Acid? What's the Difference and Which Do You Need?


Do you take a prenatal vitamin? Maybe you take a standard multi-vitamin, or if you’re a little more specific with things, a B-complex? If you take any of these in addition to what you get from the end of your fork, listen up! There’s a nutrient in these and many other supplements that’s very important when it comes to fertility, healthy babies, healthy mamas, and to every body. That includes you, dads-to-be! It’s a vitamin that you all need, but you may not be getting it from these supplements in the form that’s best for your body. What am I talking about?


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Myth About Thyroid Health: "I Have Hypothyroidism So I Can't Get Pregnant"

hypothyroidism pregnancy Jan 18, 2020

Conceiving a child can be difficult. It can take many months of monitoring your fertility signs, timing your intimacy, and seeing lots of single lines before you finally celebrate seeing double.

Navigating your health when you have hypothyroidism can be difficult as well. It can cause debilitating fatigue, menstrual irregularity, sluggish elimination, and mood swings from depression to anxiety and everything in between.

When you put the two together, conceiving when you have hypothyroidism can seem like an impossibility. It might feel that way, but let’s talk some truth into why...

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