I believe that every woman is uniquely and wonderfully made and that inside her rests the potential to bring a miraculous gift into the world.

Hey there! I’m Jennifer, a functionally-trained women's health dietitian. I help women balance their hormones naturally so they can restore their fertility, get pregnant, and give birth to the baby of their dreams.

I’m here for women like you. Yes, you!

A beautiful, compassionate, full-of-life woman who’s desiring to create even more life outside of herself.

I can feel your longing for the deepest parts of yourself to give birth to your baby dreams…dreams of cuddling your precious baby in your arms…nuzzling your nose into the sweet-smelling folds of her neck…rocking him to sleep to the sound of symphonies and sweet melodies.

I had those dreams too! And I never realized how incredibly deep my desire was until it seemed far out of reach.

You can rest assured that I understand what you’re feeling.

I hear you, I see you, I was you.



My Fertility Journey

I was doing “all the things,” just like I'm sure you are. Perhaps you desperately want to turn your baby dreams into reality, but no matter how hard you try, you feel like you're grasping at straws. Do you ever feel like you're just not working?

I struggled for years as a teen with period problems, missing periods, and hormonal havoc. I was told the pill would "regulate and fix everything." Spoiler alert: the pill doesn't fix anything!

A couple of years after we got married, my husband and I were eager to welcome a baby into our arms and our hearts. My health checked out great, and as a hospital dietitian I had an in with some of the best doctors in the area. Dim those lights and let’s make a baby!

I stopped my birth control pill I had been on for years, and went to work to earn the name I had wanted for so long—Mama!

That’s what I did in life—I worked hard. I worked hard for my grades, at my jobs through high school and college, at my clinical job that I landed before I graduated, and as the best wife I could be to my husband (that was harder than all the previous combined!).

I worked hard at pretty much everything in life, and I had success to show for it.

But I was reminded month after month, single line after single line, that for once in my life I. Wasn’t. Working.

I would wait alone in the bathroom…the 3 longest minutes of my life…trying to look away from that stupid stick but not being able to take my eyes away from the little window…shaking out of fear, nervousness, hope…praying that I would finally see double.

After months of trying, nope. Still one, solitary, single line of disappointment. Maybe I didn’t pee on it long enough. Maybe I should test again this afternoon. Maybe it’s too cold in here. Maybe I’m just not meant for this. 

I felt like a failure.

I did all the things:

  • Ate the right foods…so I thought.
  • Took the best vitamins…for all I knew.
  • Corked the wine…water with lemon anyone?
  • Saw a fertility specialist…he’d fix all this!
  • Timed our intimacy…ever feel like a robot?

I even took meds to try to reset my “broken” system.

And that’s what it left me feeling…broken.

I tried to quiet the voices in my head:

  • If these meds don’t work, there’s nothing more to do.
  • My labs are “normal” so it really must be something else inside me that’s not working.
  • My husband seems fine so the problem really is me.
  • Maybe I’m not even meant to be a mom…because I don’t even feel like a woman.

I just wanted to put my head in the sand and cry my tears alone with my broken, baby-less self.

And let’s be honest, I just wanted to feel good again. I didn’t remember what that was. I was tired, my stomach was a mess, I was scared and confused.

But there was so much I didn’t know back then. So much that wasn’t being done and wasn’t being tested that could have made all the difference in getting me to see double.

There’s so very much that I know now that could have nourished my body on a completely different level.

So many things that could have saved my energy, tears, and disappointment in our journey to becoming parents.

Specific labs that should have been tested that were never even mentioned.

Ways of living and eating that could have enhanced not only my pre-pregnancy health and nutrition, but could have actually transformed me at a deep, hormonal level to optimize the one thing inside that was to blame.

  • The one thing that had been robbing me of my womanly cycle for decades.
  • The one thing that doctors “biopsied, watched, and waited” as the nodule grew for years.
  • The one thing that required me to have three surgeries years later.
  • The one thing that never got the proper attention it deserved.
  • The one thing that I finally learned years later was being compromised by my multiple food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, and major gut problems.
  • The one thing that I now nourish and protect with a whole-body approach to eating and living a vibrant life with my husband and three amazingly wonderful girls!
  • The one thing that has fueled my passion to help women like you who are yearning to wake up from your fear of dreaming about motherhood into the joyful reality of expecting.

That one thing? My thyroid!

That little gland controlled so much of me for so long until I learned to love it in a whole different way.

I’m so glad you're here! I’m eager to help you nourish your whole self so you can rebalance your menstrual cycles, restore hormone harmony, and renew your fertility naturally!

In joy and health,





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