There's just a delicate little part of you that requires a special kind of love.

FREE GUIDE--5 Food-as-Medicine Tips to Nourish Your Thyroid and Support Your Fertility


You’ve been told all your labs are normal and you just need to keep trying. And, your husband seems fine, so the problem really must be you. 

You’ve taken medications to reset this and regulate that, but they’ve left you feeling even more broken. And, if these don’t work your only other options are treatments that are way out of your reach—financially and emotionally.

You’ve tested and monitored and timed so many aspects of your life, and the stress of it all is just too much. Your heart breaks deep and hard with every single line after single line. You can’t ride this roller coaster anymore.

You feel like you’re not being heard, and you know there’s something that’s being missed. You know you’re meant to be a mom and you don’t want to give up!

You’ve heard and done all the things, and you’re ready for something different! You’re ready to work with someone who believes in you and understands the journey you’ve been on.




Trying to conceive is difficult. Trying to conceive with the added struggle of a thyroid condition sometimes feels impossible.

When we work together you’ll:

  • better understand your cycle to increase your chances for conceiving.
  • use the power of food-as-medicine to best support your thyroid and fertility.
  • know if nutrient deficiencies could be challenging your thyroid or hormonal health.
  • incorporate lifestyle habits that work synergistically with your intake to optimize your hormonal health.
  • understand why “normal” labs don’t tell the whole story.




Throughout our 4 months of working together, we’ll L.E.A.R.N. every step of the way. With you by my side, I’ll:

  • Listen to your story
  • Explore root causes
  • Assess real-food nutrition options
  • Remove, Replace, and Restore all the right nutrients
  • Nourish your whole body through my signature combination of whole-body nourishment

Nourishment comes from far beyond the end of your fork, and your approach to caring for your health should too. You’re a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional woman, and every single one of your glorious layers should be given the nourishment it deserves.


Throughout the 4 months, you’ll also receive:

  • An individualized functional and integrative approach to your care
  • One 90-minute initial session and six 45-60 minute follow-ups (7 sessions total)
  • Messaging between appointments to address questions and concerns
  • Meal planning tips, menu ideas, product recommendations, and specific recipes focused on optimizing hormonal and gut health
  • Mind-body exercise recommendations to help reduce stress, enhance sleep, and reignite mental vitality
  • Personalized supplement recommendations and a discount on purchasing
  • Specialized lab recommendations as needed


Are you ready to invest in your health and fertility in a way you never have before?

Maybe you’re farther along in your fertility journey and you'd like a more focused approach to your care. Perhaps you want to cut to the chase to get quicker answers in areas you feel have been problems for you.

In addition to my signature program "NOURISH YOUR THYROID AND NURTURE YOUR FERTILITY", I offer a variety of lab tests to provide even more in-depth personalized care.

Hormonal Deep Dive

In addition to all that we’ll do to Nourish Your Thyroid and Nurture Your Fertility, we’ll dive deep into your hormone picture to discover what hormones your body is making, using, processing, and excreting.

Comprehensive Gut Check

In addition to all that we’ll do to Nourish Your Thyroid and Nurture Your Fertility, we’ll look deeply into your overall gut health. Your thyroid and fertility health can both be directly impacted by the quality of your gut environment, so let’s make sure that it’s the best that it can be!

Food Sensitivity Testing

Have you “done it all?" Are all of your food and lifestyle modifications still leaving you tired, confused about food choices, grasping at straws for what could be causing your symptoms, and maybe even keeping your thyroid antibodies elevated? Let’s find out exactly what foods or chemicals are causing your negative symptoms, which could be interfering with optimal hormone function, and which ones work in harmony with your body.

Still not sure where to begin?

Let's talk! Schedule a free discovery call today, and we'll talk about what your journey ahead can look like.


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